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Oxycodone, sold under the brand names Roxicodone and OxyContin among others, is an opioid medication used for treatment of moderate to severe pain

Available Dosages: 20mg, 40mg and 80mg OC Tablets

Imprints: “OC” “20”, “OC” “40” & “OC” “80”

Shape/Color: Round Pink/Yellow/Green Pills

Manufacturer: Purdue Pharma.

Delivery time:
USA: 4 to 24 hours
Canada: 1 to 2 Days
International Delivery: 3 to 4 Days

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Buy Oxycontin Online

Buy Oxycontin Online 80 mg Tablets From Union the first choice alternate pharmacy in the market. is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic, Oxycontin 80 mg is indicated for the treatment of severe pain that can only be effectively treated with strong opioid analgesics; Especially in pain of cancerous origin. Oxycontin 80mg Prolonged-release film-coated tablet Oxycontin 80 mg is indicated for the treatment of severe pain that can only be effectively treated with strong opioid analgesics; Especially in pain of cancerous origin.

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Buy Oxycontin Online Without Prescription From union pharmacy store at very low cost, a brand-name extended-release version of oxycodone, is an opioid pain-relieving medication.


Consult your doctor and follow the guidelines provided by your pharmacist. Oxycontin is an oral medication and patients must take them according to doctor’s recommendations. Ideally, patients take the 40mg dosage, which is the most common dose to use. However, in different situations, a lower 20mg or a higher 80mg can also be used. All dosage depends on the patient conditions, height, weight, age and the cause of pain. Most of the times, cancer patients benefit from using Oxycontin.

Additionally, when you take Oxycontin, do not break it or mix in water. It is ideal that you swallow the tablets whole. You can also seek help and additional information via Online Blue Pharmacy.

Side effects of OxyContin

You should seek medical help when you notice swelling of lips, face, throat or tongue and difficulty breathing. Death may occur if the breathing is too weak. However, if this happens, the person taking care of the patient should seek medical attention immediately. Other signs include pinpoint pupils, and any strange symptoms of confusion, missed periods, severe constipation, sexual problems seizure, light-headed feeling and many more.

Another severe side effect is symptoms of serotonin syndrome-like confusion, agitation, fever, chest pain, muscle stiffness, short breath, sweating, and trouble walking and feeling weak.

The elderly, sickly, debilitated, or malnourished are more likely to experience fatal side effects


First of all, Opioids are narcotic drugs and have addictive properties. Oxycontin causes numbness to the nervous system making patients feeling number and light headed which is a form of “High”. Discuss with your doctor if you have had any history of addiction to Opioids or any other substance. Alcoholism can also have a bad effect on people taking Oxycontin.

Be extra careful if you have heart, lungs, liver, or kidney problems. Expectant and breastfeeding mothers should also take care before using Oxycontin. Most important of all, consult your doctor always about the best practices while using Oxycontin.

To add to that, do not suddenly stop using Oxycontin. Your doctor would most likely advise you to reduce dosage incrementally.

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